My HTTP Proxy

For our Data Communications and Network Programming course we had to develop an HTTP proxy server in C (yes, C. Not C++. Not C#. C). It was a very difficult project and I want to share my code with the world. The funny thing is: after I finished, the code looked SO simple. It turned out I had such a hard time because I tried to read every bit of the Requests and Responses using string libraries. This works fine for plain hypertext but breaks on any binary data that contains a zero byte (which is most pages on the internet). I eventually realized I had to treat the requests/responses as a series of plain old bytes (and not as a long string) and this solved my problem.

Hopefully this information and my source code will be of use to other students.


Download: robperson-proxy2

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  1. Khyron Says:

    You were referred by Dwayne Campbell. I’m looking for a programmer, to take on a POC for a much larger scope project. The goal of the POC is multiple: proving that this idea will work (others have done it, but not quite in the same way, scale, or with the same objectives); developing an MVP and initial customer acquisition (or at least gauging interest); obtaining funding; and probably a few other subgoals. Time frame is immediate. Contact me for details if interested. I’m usually on campus on Fridays around CLDC. After this graduation, I may be on campus twice per year, so if you want to know more, I recommend contacting me immediately.

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